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““This class was great. Unlike other college courses, this class puts the information into your hands and lets you apply your knowledge you need to be one of the best providers.”

- Frank
San Diego, CA


Electrocardiography (EKG) Technicians are on the front line of Cardiac Care. The job requires many tasks and talents including scheduling appointments, reviewing physicians' interpretations, patient file review, and monitoring the heart rates of patients. They also operate and care for testing equipment, explain test procedures, and compare findings to a standard in order to identify problems.


EKG Technicians also administer stress testing, Holter monitor procedures (take EKGs, which trace electrical impulses transmitted by the heart), attach electrodes to the patient's chest, arms, and legs, and then manipulate switches on an EKG machine to obtain a reading. An EKG is then printed out for interpretation by the physician. This test is performed prior to many types of surgery or as part of a routine physical examination.


EKG technicians are one of many specialties in the clinical setting. Healthcare is a competitive field and employers want the best candidate for the job. Many EMT’s have completed this training to have a competitive advantage when attending Paramedic School. Others recognize the value of having a National Certification that will ensure employment while preparing for their “dream job.”


For those who are planning on attempting to obtain a higher level of medical training such as RN, PA, or MD, this course will give you the skills and exposure you need to enhance your position for the competitive application process. There is no minimum level of education for students who desire to take the Link 2 Life EKG course. The only prerequisite for the EKG course is that the student has a current American Heart Association CPR/AED Healthcare Provider card.


Work environment

EKG technicians generally work a 5-day, 40-hour week that may include weekends. Working in a catheterization laboratory exposes you to the possibility of longer hours, including evenings, throughout the night, and on weekends. In addition, catheterization lab employees sometimes face stressful working conditions because they are in close contact with patients with serious heart ailments. For example, some patients may encounter complications that have life-or-death implications. Link 2 Life students excel in these environments due to their extensive and comprehensive training. 


Job Outlook 

Employment of EKG technicians is expected to increase 24% through the year 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand will stem from the prevalence of the aging population, since older people have a higher incidence of heart disease and other complications of the heart and vascular system. Procedures such as ultrasound imaging and radiology are being performed more often as a replacement for more expensive and more invasive procedures. Due to advances in medicine and greater public awareness, signs of vascular disease can be detected earlier, creating demand for EKG technicians to perform various procedures.





Completed faster than other programs, our expert instructors cover the information and prepare you for the National Registry Exam. Compared to sitting in a classroom for an entire semester, the longest program is eight weeks, while the shortest is a mere three weeks. The reason we can move so rapidly is because we provide an environment for effective studying, plus we provide on line support materials to enhance your learning process prior to and during the course.



Education costs are on the rise, and yet Link 2 Life fees continue to be reasonably low due to our proprietary delivery of materials and resources. We have embraced the world of technology that allows us to be prudent, eliminating costs that are traditionally passed-on to students. And, our programs can be paid for with typically just two paychecks from your new employer.



Link 2 Life is conveniently located in south Orange County, just off the I-5 freeway with a second location in the beautiful city of Carlsbad. Our EMT courses are provided several times of year in two different formats: The Standard Course and the Accelerated Course. Whatever course you choose, Link 2 Life provides on line support materials to help you be successful in your education process, and career.


Expert Instructors

All Link 2 Life instructors are working professionals with real world expertise. This includes Firefighter/Paramedics, Nurses, Physicians and current EMT’s. Link 2 Life instructors have been recognized for excellence and continue to provide cutting edge material not offered from other programs. Our staff is dedicated to the success of our students and have themselves championed EMT training classrooms, so we know what it’s like to encounter this challenge. We want you to be successful and contribute to the field of Emergency Medicine, that’s why we take pride in our graduates and continue to recognize them as top performers in the field. Finally, many employers visit Link 2 Life in order to interview our course participants with the hope they can recruit the top class members.







  • 8 weeks


  • • Laguna Hills Campus
  • • Carlsbad Campus

NOTE: The next course begins September 4th at the Laguna Hills Campus.