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Job Description

  •  Take the information needed to fill a prescription from customers or health professionals
  •  Count tablets and measure amounts of other medication for prescriptions
  •  Compound or mix medications, such as preparing ointments
  •  Package and label prescriptions
  •  Accept payment for prescriptions and process insurance claims
  •  Do routine pharmacy tasks, such as answering phone calls from customers
  •  Pharmacy technicians work under the supervision of a pharmacist


Pharmacy technicians working in hospitals and other medical facilities prepare a greater variety of medications, such as intravenous medications. They may also make rounds in the hospital, giving medication to patients.


Work Environment 

Pharmacy technicians work primarily in pharmacies, including those found in grocery/drug stores, and in hospitals. In 2010, Pharmacy Technicians accounted for approximately 334,400 jobs including:  

  •  Pharmacies and drug stores 54% 
  •  Hospitals; state, local, and private 18% 
  •  Grocery stores 7% 
  •  Other general merchandise stores 7% 
  •  Department stores 5%



Program Benefits

LINK 2 LIFE is committed to providing the highest quality pharmacy technician classes available. We are a family run school and provide an enjoyable learning atmosphere at a convenient location. On-line materials are available as soon as you sign up for the course, including all lecture material, quizzes, videos and much more. 



Participants have completed the course with the highest grade average in the state. With tuition starting at only $2,800, our fees are up to 5 times less expensive than our competitors!  Plus all additional materials (except the book), testing fees and National Certification fees are included in the cost of the course.  



Pre-requisites: Minimum 18 years of age and high school completion or its equivalent. Students need competency in, or completion of, a basic computer operations course. 




  • 4 to 8 weeks


  • • Laguna Hills Campus
  • • Carlsbad Campus

NOTE: The next course begins April 1st at the Laguna Hills Campus.

















  • • 4 to 6 Week
    • Work at your own pace


  • • Convenient Location


NOTE: The next course begins Jan. 14th at the Laguna Hills Campus.