Job Outlook Will Continue to Grow EKG Technicians

Unemployment is at its highest levels in decades. Protesters are camping in the government building walkways and lawn. Big business gets bailed out and hard working middle class loose their jobs. What is next for this county and what will we look like in 5 years. Will you be able to provide for your family? Will you be at a place in your life where you can experience contentment? Not if thing continue the way there are going.

In the United States there are 77 million Baby Boomers. Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. There was a huge increase in child-birth during World War II. This is important because times have changed. Medicine has improved and resources have become more available. As a result, life expectancy has increased. This means Baby Boomers are living longer. They are taking medications and have early diagnosis of medical problems that allow for a more comfortable life style.

The biggest medical problem is this county is related to Heart Disease. Heart Disease affects millions of people and many are the Baby Boomers. As a result, the need for “specialty care” or medical technicians is great. Every year there is an increasing need for medical technicians. Between now and 2018, there will be an increase of 24% for EKG Technicians.

EKG Technicians typically work in a clinical setting. This includes hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinic. The medical community consists of people who serve people. They make a difference in a world that sometimes makes little sense. On occasion, medical technicians even save a life. There are few jobs that give you a sense of satisfaction or even a sense of contentment. We need people who life their life because of purpose and meaning. Most people are resistant to jobs in the medical profession because they think it involves countless hours of study, or endless monetary resources to become trained. Both of these assumptions are simply not true.

Education is the great equalizer. With a quality education, you will be able to accomplish your personal and financial goals. You can become a medical expert in a short period of time. We rely on the experts for this information. What if you were one of the experts? I would recommend becoming as educated as possible. There is a sense of fulfillment you can’t replace when working as a medical professional. For more information on becoming a medical expert, take some classes. Here is a good place to start.

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How To Find The Best EMT Class For You

Over the past 20 years, medical
calls have been the most frequent for the emergency service responders.
Emergency Medical Technicians are the mighty weapons in the war on injury and
disease. In every community, every city and every state there is a 911 call
every day. Without fail the well trained and little appreciated Emergency
Medical Technician shows up. If you travel across the country, you would find
emergency services are delivered differently. It was only in the last ten years
the National Standards were recognized in every state.  Regardless of the delivery system,EMS is the front line for emergency services.

EMT is an abbreviation for Emergency Medical Technician. There are countless EMT’s through out the communities. Some work in the “field”. This would be on a transport ambulance, amusement park, concert staff, ski patrol, fire department or search and
rescue. Other EMT’s work in the clinical setting. To include emergency rooms,
doctors offices, clinics, surgical techs, infirmaries and so on. You may want
to conceder what vocational direction you desire. However, the class will
contain the sane content regardless of your desire.

Most EMT’s use this process as a stepping stone to another career path. One common example would include those trying to get hired by a fire department. Many fire departments require employee candidates to have an EMT certification as a condition of employment. Another example would include those going to medical school. The certification serves two purposes in this case. The medical student gets many patient care
contacts prior to entering this rotation during medical school. The other
benefit also the student to show some work experience in the medical field.
Regardless of your career path, an Emergency Medical Technician certification
will serve you well.

Some schools have adopted an “academy” or “prove yourself” type program. The instructors take a hard line or high stress tactic during the program. The theory is that if the student can’t handle stress in the class room, how will they handle it in the field during
crisis events? Although a little “life learning” during class has some value,
it does not allow for a solid learning environment.  Most programs are delivered by community colleges. Many of the instructors are current emergency service professionals.
The draw back is that you tend to see a different instructor every time you
have class. Not ideal for the learner. Some programs are multiple days a week for 8-10 weeks. Some programs are accelerated programs meeting every day. A word of caution on the accelerated class. If you don’t have good study habits or have learning difficulties, this
would not be the type of class for you. However, some students perform well in
a fully immersed class such as this. Look for programs that have support for
the student. Once you complete the course successfully, you will need to take the National Registry Exam. This is an adaptive test and is challenging. Look for a course that again will provide support for this process. What value is their in completing the class if you
can’t pass the Registry Exam?

To help you begin or advance your EMT career, please check out our guide to Selecting EMT Schools.

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Hurricane Irene survival guide: How to prepare, what to do, other useful tips.

Recommendations for preparation are similar to any disaster
preparedness. Understand the potential for the disaster. Even in the even the
damage is less than predicted, you should always follow the recommendations of
the local authorities. Here are some basics for those who need some help.
Consider your self on your own for 72 to 96 hours.


Minimum water supply should be 100 ounces per day per
person. Keep it accessible. If you purchase individual box type water, check
for an expiration date. Consider domestic water supply as contaminated.


Food should be about 1200 calories per day per person. The
best types of foods are those that you eat regularly. Understand that
dehydrated foods and foods that you don’t normally eat can cause digestive


One of the biggest concerns should be illness. Washing your
hands or having some type of cleaning supply will be extremely helpful.


Power will go out. Who knows how long? Do not
try to restore the power. Battery power is extremely
helpful. Hand crank radios are the other option and work well in this
situation. Do not use candles or open flame for light. Never use charcoal or
open cooking devices inside.

First Aid:

Have some type of kit available. It does not have to be elaborate.
The key is to prevent infection. Cover all wounds and control any bleeding with
simple direct pressure. Aspirin, or Ibuprofen would be helpful. I you take prescribed
medications, keep a supply for an emergency.

Supplemental Items:

Creature comfort items are helpful if you have space for
them. Lawn chair, cot, sleeping bag, space blanket, towel, toothbrush and other
items. Your cell phone will probably not work. Don’t count on it. Some times
the hard wired phones will work. Have both just in case.

Preparation is the key. Many people wait until the last minute to make arrangements or acquire supplies. By preparing ahead, you prevent a lot of undue stress and waited time. Prioritize your activities. This will allow you to accomplish more under a time constraint.
Have a duplicate set of important documents. This would include insurance
information, family estate plans, medical information and family or friends to
contact. The best thing to do is evacuate as directed by the authorities. Going to a safe place will not only be more comfortable, it may keep you from injury or save your
life. Treat all disasters seriously. The experts know best even if the event is
less than predicted.





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Bees attack elderly man in Redondo Beach. Would you know what to do?

Today, Thursday, a swarm of bees went attacked and stung
a 95-year-old man more than 400 times in a Redondo Beach neighborhood. What would you do if this happened to you? Any sting that leaves a stinger behind, needs to be removed by scraping the stinger out. The stinger usually contains some poison or venom. If tweezers or a pinching fashion is used, this will result in the product being
injected further into the skin. (Blood stream) Conversely, bites inject poison
or venom during the bite. Many bugs have an antithetic quality that numbs the
site so we rarely notice the bite until a day later when the swelling and
itching are in full swing. With bee stings you have pain right away. There has
been a lot of media attention to Africanized honeybee. These bees are aggressive
and should only be addressed by a professional bee expert or exterminator.

The simplest solution of course is to stay clear. As you are well aware, we continue to
develop residential properties in wildland interface areas. This is impinging
on all species. As a result, we have seen the number of stings and bites
increase. So this leaves us with the information grandmother taught us. Baking
Soda, Vinegar, salt, and any other trick you may have learned growing up. Most
bites or sting s result in redness, swelling and some itching. Not to mention
pain. The thing can be helped with common over the counter medications.
“Cortaid”, “Benadryl” “Calamine Lotion”, “Campho Phenic” etc. If swelling persists, ice can help generally and can reduce pain. If itching persists, and cortisone based cream can help. The only time you could be in trouble is when the victim has a severe allergic
reaction. This is known as “anaphylaxis”. This occurs when the victim
has a full body response to the bite or sting. Usually starts with difficulty
breathing and wheezing and can progress rapidly. In children, this is especially
dangerous because their airway passages are much smaller and they can not
tolerate swelling as well as adults. The sign to look for in children include,
difficulty speaking, wheezing, sitting forward, nasal flaring, flushing of the
skin, full body hive etc. Dial 911 without delay. In some cases, anaphylaxis
can be fatal within minute. Local paramedic and EMT units carry medications to
reverse such problems. In some cases, doctors have prescribed “Epi
Pens” for children who are “Deathly” allergic to something. If a
parent indicates that their child has an “Epi Pen”, please take the
time to have them show you how it works. Another option is to complete a First Aid course. You may save a life.

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CPR and First Aid Class

Link 2 Life Emergency Training will be hosting a CPR class
on August 27, 2011 at 9am. This course includes Adult, Child and Infant CPR and
foreign body airway obstruction. Participants will receive a certification at
the end of the course. Link 2 Life will also be hosting a First Aid course ar
1pm on August 27, 2011. This class will meet all the requirements for childcare
providers. The participants will receive a certification at the end of the
course. The courses will be held at the Link 2 Life training center located at26941 Cabot Rd. #109Laguna HillsCA92653. Hope to see you their.

Link 2 Life

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