Link 2 Life Emergency Training, Inc. is an organization designed to provide life saving information to the community. Link 2 Life Emergency Training, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality emergency training available. We provide a service of information. The critical information needed in life threatening moments. We believe that being prepared for any emergency through training will allow individuals to make a difference and even save a life.

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Our staff are all highly qualified and have a background in the healthcare field. All of our instructors have an Emergency Medical Technician certification or higher. This includes Lifeguards, Firefighters, Paramedics, Nurses, and Rescue personnel. All of our staff have had some form of formal teaching credential and continue to strive to become better instructors. Our goal is to try to make your learning experience the best experience you have ever had.

As the owner, I believe there is no greater call than to help others. I have been teaching these courses for over ten years and constantly see the benefits. As a Firefighter/Paramedic for a large metropolitan fire department, I see people put their training into use. This makes my job easier. Thank you for taking the time to learn the valuable information that is so needed.



In all my years in education, the Emergency Preparedness class was one of the best in-service trainings I have attended.  My staff especially appreciated being informed of what they realistically could expect in an emergency situation...what really happens and that nothing goes as planned.”

                                                                        - David Zuber, Principal

                                                                          Holy Innocents School



“I was very pleased with the CPR and First Aid training we received.  This was a great class.  It was informative and the staff very much enjoyed the training.  The instructor was so enlightened and informative.  My staff commented that they got more out of this training than any previous training they had received.  I would highly recommend LINK 2 LIFE Emergency Training, Inc.”

                                                                        - Iris McCray, Director

                                                  Westminster Lutheran Preschool


“Great training...excellent instructor...very pleased...”

                                                                        - Kurt Spanel, Principal

                                                                          St. Joseph’s School


“The staff and parents at our school recently participated in CPR training.  Our instructor arrived promptly, and quickly filled the room with easy banter and laughter, turning our group into willing participants, eager to learn about CPR.  He possessed knowledge and the ability to impart very important CPR information in a comfortable, informal manner.  We highly recommend LINK 2 LIFE Emergency Training, Inc. for all persons or groups interested in a great presentation and beneficial knowledge for a reasonable fee.”

                                                                        - S. L. Littleton

                                                                          Laguna Niguel Montessori Center


“LINK 2 LIFE has conducted our CPR and First Aid training for the past couple of years and have proven to be very professional.  Their training class is very informative.  We have received many positive comments from our employees attending this class and have actually received interest from our employees to attend the class a second time.  We would highly recommend LINK 2 LIFE for your training needs.”

                                                                        - Jim Anderson, Director of Loss Prevention

                                                                          RITZ-CARLTON, Laguna Niguel


“I enjoyed the CPR course that I attended.  It was not only informative and instructional, it was also presented in a way which made the material fun and interesting.  I have recommended LINK 2 LIFE to all the employees at my company.  I have attended other CPR courses in the past, but never actually enjoyed one until now.  I also was impressed by your friendliness and your effort to accommodate me from our very first phone conversation.  I’ll be calling again when it’s time for recertification!”

                                                                        - Randi Warner, Certified Personal Trainer

                                                                          24 Hour Fitness




"The best part of the class was the regular high-stress situations that Dave, the instructor, set up for us. Not only did I gain valuable quick-thinking experience for the field, I have learned a lot about myself and how I'll react in a real life-or-death situation."

                                                                        - Ryan                       Irvine


"This class is exciting, stimulating and motivating and trains you for a job. The experiences in and out of the classroom are remarkable. Be ready to work hard, to have fun and to learn some interesting things. With Dave as your instructor, you won't be just an ordinary EMT - you'll be an extraordinary EMT."

                                                                        - Desiree              Irvine

"This is a great class for anyone who is interested in going into the field of medicine at any level. It will train you to be able to handle any emergency situation with confidence. This class is highly recommended."

-Daniel       Mission Viejo

"I took an EMT class in the military...I felt that this course was much more in-depth. Dave went more into the problem of patients and tested us to keep us in-tuned with his lectures."

-Nathan       Huntington Beach

"This class gives you the confidence needed to act quickly and efficiently in emergency situations. It expands your knowledge of the body and gives you the changes to save someone's life."

-Mike       Mission Viejo

"This class had a positive learning environment that provided for the needs of the EMTs-in-training, enabling them to go out and save lives with confidence."

-David       Saugus

"The class was great. Unlike typical college courses, this class puts the information into your hands and lets you apply your knowledge to save people."

-Fue       Irvine/Fresno

"The course was a great learning experience that opens the doors for emergency services. The instructor was always helpful and responsive to our questions."

-Damian       Wilmington

"A very fun learning environment and high standard techniques taught by an experienced professional paramedic. The instructor presented students with real life scenarios and required interaction from students to diagnose and treat the case presented."

- Tamer       Irvine

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