CPR Online Course
CPR Online Course
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CPR: Online Course

LINK 2 LIFE Emergency Training, Inc. proudlly present the New On-Line BLS Healthcare Provider Class. This class is taught to the standards of the American Heart Association and meets the Healthcare insdustry standards and requirements for OSHA. If you are a Health Care Provider or a Child Care Provider in the State of California, you can take either the CPR Course in person or the on-line to be compliant with the State rules and regulations. The On-Line course is delivered in two parts. The first part of the course contains the cognative learning and is completed all on-line at your convenience. The second part of the course contains psychomotor skills such as CPR compressions.  Students must complete an in-person "Skills Session" in addition to online learning.
All Link 2 Life EMT, EKG, Pharm. Tech, and Phlebotomy students will have their skills component signed off on the first class meeting. This is provided for the students convenience.  
  • Part 1: online cognitive lessons—anytime and anywhere with computer access
  • Part 2: hands-on skills practice and hands-on skills testing

For successful course completion, American Heart Association requires that on-line learning courses must include psychomotor skills:


Skill sessions are made by appointment. Please call for your convienent, easy and fast experience at Link2 Life. 

Price: $62.00
• Infant, Child, & Adult certification
• One-Rescuer CPR
• Choking Management
• Assessing Airway
• Breathing
• Circulation
• Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
• Chain of Survival
• Rescue Breathing
• Warning Signs
• On-going Assessments

You will be issued a "Course Key" for Course Access. This will be sent to you via     e-mail during normal business hours. 

  1. Complete the OnlineAHA website registration.
  2. Once registered, students go to their personalized “My Courses” page.
  3. On the My Courses page students can:
    • activate a "Course Key" (this is a access code)
    • start a course
    • browse course catalog and demos
    • Continuing Education applies to first time students and can be provided by Link 2 Life
    • print course Certificates of Completion
    • Then set an appointment with Link 2 Life to sign off the skills and recieve your      BLS Healthcare Provider card valid for 2 years.