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First Aid: Online Course

LINK 2 LIFE Emergency Training, Inc. provides basic First Aid for the lay person. This class is taught to the standards of the EMSA and meets OSHA requirements. It includes didactic as well as skills training. Upon completion the participant will be able to identify life-threatening injuries, have the ability to assess victims and treat them based on their injuries. In addition, the student will have a basic understanding of bandaging and splinting. This will provide the student with the necessary skills to save a life.
Price: $24.00
• Infant, Child, & Adult certification
• Scene Survey
• Assessing Responsiveness
• Bleeding Control
• Shock Management
• Respiratory Problems
• Diabetic Emergencies
• Injury Assessments
• Allergic Reaction
• Poisoning
• Exposure to Heat
• Exposure to Cold
• Ongoing Assessments