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Phlebotomy Technician

Our Phlebotomy Technician program will prepare you to draw blood samples from patients in a clinical laboratory or public health setting and prepares you for a national certification exam. The program combines 48 hours of classroom instruction with a 40 hour phlebotomy externship to provide you with practical experience. During the course, you will gain exposure to on-the-job duties that include drawing blood samples from patients, producing quality laboratory results, gaining the trust and confidence of patients, and much more.


Price: $2,500.00

This program is designed for people who plan to work for a clinical laboratory or public health department or a clinic or hospital. The course combines 40-hours classroom instruction with a 40-hours off-site clinical internship to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience. Lectures include but are not limited to the anatomy and medical terminology pertaining to the circulatory system, specimen collection, risk factors, complications and quality assurance in specimen collection. Practical instruction provides hands-on training in venipuncture technique with procedures verified through a skills check-off system. The 40-hour externship includes at minimum 50 successful venipunctures and 10 skin punctures.



Link 2 Life Training Center

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